Working Seminar 2024

Documenting the Past for the Future

World Heritage area in Tanum - July 20 - 27, 2024

The time they spent here

A production from Postcode Films, directed by Edward Owles. With collaboration from Gerhard Milstreu, Tanums Hällristningsmuseum, Underslös.

Premiere: Sunday October 15, 2023.

Film review !Aitsa

Film review of !Aitsa (2023) Directed by Dane Dodds. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Review written by James Dodd.

Lecture on Facebook

Lecture on Rock Art in Scandinavia.

Documentation and Registration No. 4

Newest edition to our series Documentation and Registration of Rock Art in Tanum World Heritage is now available.

Maritime Mode of Production

Maritime Mode of Production. Raiding and Trading in Seafaring Chiefdoms. By Johan Ling, Timothy Earle, and Kristian Kristiansen.

Giving the past a future

Giving the Past a Future. Essays in Archaeology and Rock Art Studies in Honour of Dr. Phil. h.c. Gerhard Milstreu.

Trade and Travel

Trade and travel in the Bronze age. Video produced by Studio Moltu, featuring an interview with Gerhard Milstreu from Tanums Hällristnings Museum, Rock Art Research Centre, on the travel and trade in the Bronze Age. English subtitles by Eriksen Translation Inc.

Moon symbol

An interesting (Swedish) article from Jonathan Lindström published in Populär Arkeologi from April 2017.

Gypaf project

Nice video produced by TV Møn, Denmark, regarding the Project Gypaf, led by Henning Prøhl. Danish spoken

Biography of the Fossum panel

The re-dating of many of the war related representational images at the site in Fossum is a significant result with clear implications for the interpretation of the meaning, function and use of this particular panel. Clearly, most of the warriors seem to have been made during the transition between period II-III.