The rock carvings in Tanum constitute a priceless part of our cultural heritage of mankind and have therefore been included in on the UNESCO's World Heritage List.
In that way Sweden has taken the responsibility to preserve the rock carvings for the future. Many panels weather due to environmental pollution. An important aspect of preservation is to record the panels before it will be too late.
Tanums Hällristningsmuseum in Underslös has throughout the years made important contributions to this task.


Tanums Hällristningsmuseum is the only institution that offers an education in the documentation of rock carvings in Scandinavia on a regular bases.

This is a presentation of the results from the documentation proces, which is published in the serie Documentation and Registration of Rock Art in Tanum World Heritage

More information about the documentation proces can be found here.

If you are interested in the publications, you can contact us.

Documentation and Registration Nr. 4: Contains all the panels from the regions Lövåsen, Trättelanda, Sotetorp, Bro Utmärk and Litsleby, with all original rubbings and 3D images.

The book also includes some interesting articles on documentation in dialog with the surface, the updating of images and the digital techniques. A must have for anyone interested in the rock art in Tanum World Heritage.

Gotarc, series C. Arkeologiska Skrifter No. 85. Gothenburg University, Department of Historical Studies. ISSN 0282-9479 - ISBN 978-91-85245-78-9.

238 pages, full color. Price Sek 238:- / members price Sek 199:- excl. porto.

documentation and registration
Nr. 3: Kalleby, Finntorp, Ryk. Contains all the panels from the region Kalleby, Finntorp and Ryk. It is the first book that published all the original rubbings

Gotarc, series C. Arkeologiska Skrifter No. 69. Gothenburg University, Department of Historical Studies. ISBN 978-91-85245-40-2.

Price: Sek 199:- + shipping costs. Memberprice: Sek 159:- + shipping costs.

documentation and registration Nr. 2: Contains all the panels along road 163, from the museum up to the junction to the E6, inclusive the panels from Fossum.

Price: Sek 150:- + shipping costs. Memberprice: Sek 120:- + shipping costs.

documentation and registrationNr. 1: Contains all the panels at Aspeberget.

Price: Sek 75:- + shipping costs. Memberprice: Sek 45:- + shipping costs.


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