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UNESCO World Heritage site of Tanum Unesco

The rock carvings in Tanum constitute a priceless part of our cultural heritage of mankind and have therefore been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994. In that way Sweden has taken the responsibility preserving rock art for the future.

The Heritage Site in Tanum is an outstanding example of Bronze Age art of the highest quality, where people from the Bronze Age carved out thousands of images on smooth rocks in the landscape of Bohuslän. The range of motifs is a unique testimony of life during the European Bronze Age.

Look here for a map of the Tanum World Heritage Area

Welcome to Bohuslän / West Sweden

In Bohuslän you can experience almost everything Swedish nature has to offer. This is where you will find the World Heritage Site, Tanum Rock Carvings, the beautiful archipelago of Kosterhavet, Sweden's first Maritime National Park and the deep forests and lakes of the inland.

There are many natural and cultural experiences, such as walk or cycle in the area, take a trip in a canoe, either on a lake or at sea, or participate in a seal safari, lobster fishing, etc.
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