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Tanum Hällristningsmuseum Underslös

Tanums Rock art for the less- and disabled visitors

Financed by The Central Board of Antiquity, Sweden

LitslebyThe rock carvings in Tanum constitute a priceless part of our cultural heritage of mankind and have therefore been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994.
The World Heritage Site in Tanum is an outstanding example of Bronze Age art of the highest quality, where people from the Bronze Age carved out thousands of images on smooth rocks in the landscape of Bohuslän. The range of motifs is a unique testimony of life during the European Bronze Age.
Within the area four different places have been made accessible for visitors. These four places can be seen as a good reference for the approx. 600 sites known within the World Heritage Area. Many of these sites have been painted for better visibility.

Unfortunately only one of these sites is accessible for wheelchairs. This, however, does not mean that the other sites cannot be visited if one is disabled to a certain extent. Tanums Hällristningsmuseum Underslös has great knowledge of the various sites within the World Heritage Area and can help with visiting the panels for lesser abled persons.
To give an example, we have had a number of groups with blind people that wanted a guided tour to the rock carvings. We were anxious on how to approach this, as we, like many, consider the rock art to be first and foremost a visible art. However, it did not take long to realize that we were worried for nothing. The participants instantly started to feel and were able to “see” the carvings with their fingers.
We believe it is important for all to be able to “see” the carvings and appreciate the iconography from the Bronze Age, regardless the physical condition. In this guide we will look at the four so-called tourist rocks and list the possibilities for a visit for those with a visual or physical impairment.

Find the complete guide here as PDF

While this guide is structured with the blind and those in a wheelchair in mind, the advice in this guide can be used by all with an impairment.


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