To see a rock carving with a flashlight is an experience out of the ordinary! Images which are hardly visible during the day, suddenly reveal their beauty.

Guiding in Swedish, English or German.

Every Wednesday evening during the summer season (July and August – except week 30) we organize night excursions to some of the most spectacular rock carvings in the World Heritage Area.

Rock Art Experience

Experience the carvings in a different way! A rock carving expert will take you to some spectacular panels that are not painted. We will look at the landscape as it was during the Bronze Age, discover the magic of the images and, if weather permits, make a rubbing of the images.
The excursion will take approximately 4 hours and includes a guided tour at Tanums Hällristningsmuseum Underslös and a cup of coffee.
This excursion is a must for anyone interested in the unique treasure of the Bronze Age.
Time and dates on request.

Written in stone

Life and Art, living conditions and the magic of images are closely connected in prehistoric times. The thousands of rock carvings in Bohuslän - especially those within Tanum’s World Heritage Area testify to that. They are one of the most marvellous traces of the people from the Bronze Age. The figures are surrounded with myths and magic. As with the archeological findings, rock carvings tell us about the prehistoric religion and the basic living conditions. The figures radiate beauty and power, so it is not hard to understand that even today many of us are fascinated and excited about them.

We can now offer the possibility to participate in an exclusive workshop around the rock carvings in Tanums World Heritage Area for a number of days. You will experience both known and unknown carvings, join excursions at night with artificial light and go out in the field to find rock carvings that have not seen the light of day in many, many years. The workshop is combined with pleasant lodging and good food at carefully selected hostels in the facility of the World Heritage Area. Let skilled archaeologists take you on a cultural-historical travel – written in stone!

For more information, please contact us.

The Rock Carving Tour

rock carving tourExperience, enjoy, explore and learn about the amazing images which were carved more than 3000 years ago. The Rock Carving Tour is a unique concept and offering. You stay in a genuinely pleasant place, which you select from the museums list of partners – close to the sea or in idyllic countryside. You can cycle or walk in the World Heritage Area and enjoy the landscape, take a digital guided tour of the incredible rock carvings at Vitlycke or enjoy a personal guiding at Underslös Museum.

Learn more about the Bronze Age by taking part in a workshop and let archaeologists take you on an adventure in the dark. Torch-light will bring the rock carvings to life. Or make your own rubbing of one of the carvings. The archaeologists will show you how.

Bohuslän has also many ways to experience nature. Visit the beautiful archipelago, including Kosterhavet Marine National Park, and the vast forests inland. Paddle a canoe on a lake or at sea, or go on a seal safari or lobster catching trip.


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