The rock carvings in Tanum constitute a priceless part of our cultural heritage of mankind and have therefore been included in on the UNESCO's World Heritage List.
On this panel the weathering is very severe and the image is barely distinguished.

In that way Sweden has taken the responsibility to preserve the rock carvings for the future. Many panels weather due to environmental pollution. An important aspect of preservation is to record the panels before it will be too late.
Lövåsen T 325 after documentation. Photo: Tanums Hällristningsmuseum.

Tanums Hällristningsmuseum in Underslös has throughout the years made important contributions to this task.
Fieldwork on the Lövåsen panel. Photo: Tanums Hällristningsmuseum.

The documentation proces

Hardly distinguishable and/or weathered images can be identified by artificial light sources.

The images are covered by a sheet of paper, and rubbing is carried out with the use of carbon paper and grass

The rubbing method provides all details of a surface of a rock.

9 rubbing sheets have been digitalized and combined to show the complete composition

In order to achieve a painting as precise as possible demands a careful study of the surface of the rock in conjunction with a thorough comparison with the rubbing

The panel is painted with non-permanent paint, and is defined as an illustration.


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